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KALM ServicesBenefits

  • We Love Our Clients! We strive to exceed our client’s expectations. Because of the dynamic requirements of today’s technologies, we continuously improve and adapt our processes. By sharing these adaptations with our clients, KALM Services provides cutting-edge solutions
  • We Love Our Team! We are dedicated to treating our employees fairly and investing in their careers. By providing a comfortable work environment, competitive pay, and career-advancing opportunities, KALM Services is the type of company that high-quality, driven, and energetic employees want to work for.
  • We Love What We Do! Because we are passionate about our work, our employees will work diligently to resolve your organizations I.T. problems. For the past 10 years, KALM Services employees have worked with commercial businesses as well as State, Local and Federal Government organizations



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What Should I Ask For When Requesting Proposals For Managed Services?

May 10, 2016

A lot of organizations are unsure of what to ask for when they are requesting for Managed IT Services Proposals. This is easy to understand as the organization usually needs assistance in both providing the service an IT Managed Services Provider would perform but also understanding the various things they may or may not need.

KALM Services?

KALM takes over the client’s entire I.T. process and covers everything from procurement, deployment, management, and even end of life cycle sanitization and disposal.
An executive level report of the I.T. environment that includes but isn’t limited to: Patching, Ticket Quantity, Perimeter Defense, Software Compliance and more.
KALM Services does not sale hardware to make profit. Our line of business is providing quality consulting and managed services. It is about time the client gets the hardware they need at the lowest cost possible.

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